Welcome to MY Coffee

My Coffee is an independent family-owned and run coffee house, set up to bring artisan coffees, good food, and a laid back, comfortable atmosphere to the heart of Bath Road, Cheltenham.

My Coffee is a speciality coffee shop serving a range of meticulously brewed espresso coffees, as well as a selection of food with local provenance.

We take care to serve exceptional coffee using speciality-grade beans from local Artisan Master Roasters.

My Coffee was set up in early 2013 by Andrew, Debbie and Jeff, who have a shared passion for coffee and a shared vision to establish a reputation for Great Coffee served in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Both Andrew and Jeff can make you a Great Coffee! and can talk about coffee (like most people talk about wines).  They love to answer your questions on how we make our coffee or give you a demonstration of their coffee skills...