Our Coffees

At My Coffee we believe in making sure we serve the best coffee possible, from the right beans ethically traded, through to the roasting process and finally at the extraction. We spent many months finding our house blend. We have tasted (sniffed, slurped and cupped…) many beans and visited many local roasters in order to find the perfect cup of espresso for you.

Our hand roasted espresso blend of washed and sun-dried coffees, with hints of berries and citrus. Dark-roasted for a rich caramel finish. A complex blend of coffees direct trade from smallholder farmers including San Jeronimo Costa Rica, Gajah Mountain Sumatra, Cocagi Gashonga Rwanda and Liberación Guatemala. 

A phenomincal rich espresso with a caramel finish.
Perfect for a cappuccino or latte, espresso or evern intense ristretto. And yes we do know a Flat White from a Cortado. 

From time to time we also offer single origin coffees to give you the opportunity to discover something new. 100% Specialty Grade Arabica from single farms, estates and cooperatives, ethically sourced from growers around the globe.  Our coffee roasters work in partnership with farmers to improve both quality of coffee and livelihoods for true sustainable develpoment.